Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Shreya Kanodia Book Nayab Review By Amir Waseem
DESCRIPTION : this book has collection of shayari & poems. 📚 Book is conceptualised by Shreya Kanodia. In this book there are about 38 fellow writers including me, some of are professional and some are beginners.

Overview/My Opinion: I really had good experience with this book, the more i read this book, the more i’m amazed by my fellow writers. The concept of this book is amazing, thanks to Shreya for this amazing concept. She introduced many new writers to us.
I personally like some poems.....
“Dard” by Sheetal Jeena. "Izhaar-e-mohabbat" by Swapnil Gehlod
"Ishare" by Lalit Soni
"Manzile" by Tanya Bagla 
I don’t strongly recommend you to read this book but if you really want to read some new writers, writes up or a new taste then you should read this book otherwise i will recommend you to read "Sahir Ludhianavi" book.
My Rating 3.5/5

Owner-Shreya Kanodia 
Publisher- Idea Publishing 

Review By -Amir Wassem

I'm Amir Waseem.I am 18 years old writer And blogger, I explore feelings through my words. I Am Just A Beginner With 9 Millions Readers ❤️ Writing A Poetry,Shayari And Books, Sepreading A Smiles. Welcome to my happy place hope you enjoy your stay.


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