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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Elt-Duk and The Company of Gold Hunters Review By Amir Waseem

BOOK REVIEW : Elt-Duk and The Company of Gold Hunters by Yash Sharma, It is a treasure hunt which quickly encapsulates into saving the Earth from other creatures for the mountain ELT DUK. The story's about the journey and the quest of the three Gold-Hunters to the mystical mountain of Elt-Duk, which is said to be a very dangerous place, that's why no one ever dared to go there. Along their way, the Gold-Hunters discover more peculiar creatures and islands. So, the story was quite good.

Overview /My Opinions : It was a perfect read for beginners and children, as it was written in simple and easy language. The description of the various places in this book is marvellous, it makes you feel like you are there yourself, exploring the beautiful creation of nature. And also the author has done a great job of weaving the story together. The added map and various images are welcomed in understanding the route they are going through. Trust me, if you love books which are adventures cum treasures hunts, you should read it even if it is meant for children. To all the ones who loved to watch cartoons especially for treasures, READ it!! 

My Rating 3 💕
Published By @invinciblepublishers
Written By @eltduk &l
Review By @walkwithamir
Thank You @thebookoholics 


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