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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Chronicles of Kali The Secret Book of Asurs by Prithvi Raj

Description: "Chronicles of Kali The Secret Book of Asurs by Prithvi Raj" is an engrossing story of adventures, female power, good vs evil, right against wrong, The story starts off with the protagonist Kali, who was found by master Vyaas  floating on a raft in Ganga. Kali had a supernatural power of being able to interact with nature. She was destined to do something big for the human race,to save them and their thought process from the Asuras who have the secret to create disharmony. 

Overview / My Opinions: Author has did a great job by questioning the civilization. At first cover is eye catching but can improved little bit. The character of Kali the goddess is embedded into this small girl with a very captivating hazel eyes who has a greater purpose to serve. To make the human free from the cunning asur's plan to corrupt the humanity.  The most fascinating factor of the book is the way it has been compiled. The whole book is divided into numerous small small chapters within which contains a lot of small sub sections. This makes it one of the most easy flowing and quick read and holds the reader into the book.    I recomend this book to every mythology lover this one gonna best reads...  My Rating 3.5 ❤️ Published By @vishwakarmapublications01 Written By Prithvi Raj  ( @prithviraj.banerjee ) Review By Amir Waseem (@walkwithamir) Thank You @vinfluencers for this copy 

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