Tuesday, January 15, 2019

NeverFound Land By Durriya Kapsai
BOOK REVIEW   Description: NeverFound Land By Durriya Kapsai is a sequel of the Durriya Kapsai first book 'Once Upon A Genie', its a story of Solomon who is a genie and human hybrid son of Daisy and Khalil's, Solomon has to fight with the enemies of Neverfound Land to save the earth and bring quiteness among human & genie... Does Solomon Can Save The Earth ?  What Happend Next ???  To Follow Solomon Life, Buy This Amazing Book From Amazon.....  Overview/ My Opinions: The best thing i like in this book that author described every single and small details in the plot, The main concept of this story is winning of goodness over evilness. This book will takes you to the trip of Egypt, and the language of story was very simple  I really enjoyed this book if you are fantasy book lover i would recomend you this book it was a must read book........  My Rating 4 ❤️ Published By @half_baked_beans Written By Durriya Kapsai ( @durriyakapsai ) Review By Amir Waseem (@walkwithamir) Thank You @reachout_to_richa 

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